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Nashville Conference Room for Rent

Named in memory of former employee Cheryl L. Tooley, this room seats six to eight and is equipped with a roomy square Ikea table. It includes WiFi access, a dry erase board, wall-mounted 32″ flat screen TV with built-in DVD player, and telephone. On-demand pricing includes in-room coffee service and filtered water.   HDMI cables, copy and print services, and catering available.



The Jules C. Brazil, Jr., Board Room is available on-demand by the hour when not in use by in-house clients. On-demand pricing includes in-room coffee service and filtered water.  It is professionally designed and furnished with a conference table that seats up to fourteen. It is equipped with WiFi access, a dry-erase board, pull-down projector screen, flat screen TV with DVD player, and telephone.  HDMI cables, copy and print services, and catering available.



The Cornelia W. Matthews Training Room is approximately 450 square feet and can seat up to 30 people.  Both attractive and functional, it is equipped with WiFi access, a dry-erase board, wall-mounted 48″ flat screen TV, VCR/DVD player, and telephone.  On-demand pricing includes in-room coffee service and filtered water.  HDMI cables, copy and print services, and catering available.



The Perimeter One Seminar Room is approximately 750 square feet and can seat up to 60 people theater style and 40 people classroom style.  Newly renovated, it is equipped with WiFi access, a large wall-mounted flat screen TV, and telephone.  On-demand pricing includes in-room coffee service and filtered water upon request.  HDMI cables, copy and print services, and catering available.


10 things to ask before… Choosing office space (Nashville Business Journal)

I came across this article from earlier this month when browsing the internet today.

10 things to ask before… Choosing office space (Nashville Business Journal)

The questions asked are a great place to start whether you are looking for your first office, or just a new office.  I thought I would take a minute to answer the questions for someone considering Perimeter Park for their office location.

1.  Where is the space located?

We are ideally located right off of I-24 at exit 56, close to the convergence center of the three major interstates – I-24, I-40, and I-65. This central location and immediate interstate access make the office easily accessible from any surrounding area.  Additionally, an MTA bus stop is only a block away.

2.  What amenities do you offer?

The following amenities come with your new Nashville office space:

  • furnished reception area
  • receptionist greeting and announcing of your guests
  • on-site management staff
  • mail and package receipt
  • furnished conference rooms
  • wired high-speed internet connection
  • kitchen area with coffee, hot water, and filtered water
  • WiFi
  • utilities and cleaning service
  • video security monitoring
  • plenty of free surface parking

3. What’s the lease term?

Instead of long-term leases, Perimeter Park offers short-term, flexible agreements designed to help start-ups and small businesses succeed.  Our standard term is twelve months, but we offer six month options as well.  You can easily grow your business with us, as we allow you to add additional office space at any time during your agreement.  Start with one small office, and move to a larger one or add additional offices as needed.

4.  Can I terminate the lease?

Our short-term agreements negate the need to worry about having to terminate a lease.  All offices are move-in ready and do not require any type of build-out or renovations.  Our uniform office policy means that we take care of paint, carpet cleaning, etc., so there is usually no restoration needed when an agreement ends.

5.  What deposit or corporate guarantee does the landlord need?

Our standard security deposit on agreements is twice the monthly office fee.  For example, if your office is $700, the security deposit would be $1400.  Security deposits are refundable upon satisfactory completion of the agreement or transferable to a larger or additional office. Unlike larger corporations, as a local, stand-alone office center, we have the ability to work with people on deposits as necessary.

6.  How flexible is the office setting?

You can move to a larger office or add additional offices as available at any point during your agreement term.  Downsizing is usually only allowed at the end of your agreement term.

7.  Are there enough parking spaces?

Our building has ample free surface parking.

8.  What kind of office layouts do you offer?

Most of our offices are basic rectangles or squares ranging in size from 100 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft.  Smaller offices can be configured for 1-2 people.  Larger offices can be configured in an open floor plan for four or more.

Floor plan for Nashville Office Space at Perimeter Park Executive Center
Floor plan for Nashville Office Space at Perimeter Park Executive Center

9.  Is the building secure?

Our building has key card access after hours and on weekends.  Additionally, our suite also has security cameras and key card access, and all offices are individually keyed.  Our front desk is staffed whenever our office is open.

10.  How is the building maintained?

Our on-site staff works closely with building management and maintenance to take care of any problems that might arise. We are here to deal with those issues so that you never have to. Building management is also located in our building, so issues are dealt with quickly.  Our area of the building has 24/7 A/C and heat, so you will never have to pay additional fees for A/C service or maintenance.  Standard cleaning service is also included at no additional charge, and we have used the same janitorial service and team of cleaners for almost 10 years.

We also offer numerous other amenities that do not come with conventional office space, like furnished meeting rooms, a reception area, waiting room, break room, included utilities, internet service, and telephone equipment and service.

If you have any other questions, we would be glad to answer them and show you why Perimeter Park is an awesome place for your business.

Call us at 615-781-4200 today!

Blog Series: Updating Our Nashville Office Space – Post #1: Reception Area

Last spring, Perimeter Park Executive Center had the opportunity to consolidate all of our offices and conference rooms onto the first floor of our building. Previously, we had occupied two floors and had a lot of unnecessary and underutilized space. Adding a new conference center area across the hall from our suite and designing our build-out for that space gave us an opportunity to update our facility with more modern technology and decor.

We had so much fun and received so many compliments on our new Nashville conference rooms that we decided to give the other common areas within our suite facelifts as well. And, honestly, we realized that some of our spaces appeared a little drab and outdated. They didn’t communicate who we were as a company, or the image we wanted to portray to our residents and their guests.

We wanted to be purposeful and thoughtful about the environment we created. Our goal was to positively impact and inspire our residents who came here to work each day, as well as to make a positive impression on their clients and visitors. We are told that we have succeeded.

We didn’t have a huge budget to work with, so we did one space at a time and focused on what would make the biggest difference and give us the most bang for our buck. New paint and a few new pieces of furniture go a long way!

This blog series will chronicle some of the updates and changes we have made, starting with our reception area.

Downstairs Reception Area Before
Downstairs Reception Area Before

We began by adding modern chairs in a bold red color from A modern rug in red, gray, black, and white from The Home Depot anchored the chairs and tied in with our sleek, black saltwater aquarium by The Reef Doctor. Out of all our changes, the aquarium has been the biggest hit with both our residents and their visitors. It has truly transformed our reception area into a tranquil, relaxing, and interesting place to visit.

Reception area for your Nashville office
Reception area for your Nashville office

As a resident or virtual office client of Perimeter Park Executive Center, both you and your visitors will be able to enjoy our new reception area. No other executive office space in Nashville offers a reception area with an experience! Come by to tour our facility and see for yourself!

Our #VirtualOffice Packages Help Your Business Do More While Saving You Money

With Perimeter Park’s Virtual Office packages, you can choose what services you need to get started and add additional services at any time.  Sharing our office and services can help you keep your productivity up while keeping your costs down.  Where else can you get a live receptionist to personally answer your phone calls for only $79 per month?  Or a dedicated business address, mail handling service, and access to a fully staffed office for only $49 per month?

Work Smarter

As one of Nashville‘s first providers of shared workspace solutions, Perimeter Park knows that success isn’t always determined by how hard you work, but how smart you work. That’s why we have been offering shared work and meeting spaces to businesses in Nashville since 1984.  And we pride ourselves on personalizing our services to your specific business needs.

Shared Office Space in Nashville

Personalized Service

We understand that our success depends upon YOUR success.  That’s why our on-site staff is here to offer unparalleled personalized service to both part-time and full-time clients. Our center is staffed by industry professionals with over 30 years of experience in shared office management. Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies in almost every industry imaginable. Using our experience to help clients is just another way in which we work for your business.

Don’t trust your business to just anyone offering a shared office in their facility. Trust the shared office space experts with 30+ years of experience who have the infrastructure and proven system in place to help you succeed.

On-Site Copy Center Makes Your Life Easier

Self-Serve Copying, Scanning, and Network Printing

The full color copier on the first floor also has a scan to USB function which allows you to scan multiple pages into a single PDF file, assign a file name, and save it to your USB drive.  This copier can also be configured as a network printer via your office LAN connection.  Your color or black-and-white print jobs can be password protected and retrieved from the copier securely at your convenience.

In-House Copy Services

We can also print your multiple page documents for you.  Just email us your document, or bring it to us on disk or USB, and we will take care of getting it printed and delivered to you.

If you don’t want to spend your time standing at the copier, just turn your copy project over to one of your PPEC staff members, and we will make sure it gets done for you – no worries, no hassles!

Perimeter Park offers a variety of different catering options for your meetings.

Choose from:

  • coffee and beverage service
  • breakfast breads, pastries, fruit, and yogurt
  • box lunches
  • morning and afternoon snacks

Specialized catering requests quoted per project.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Our telephone equipment gets your business up and running fast!

When you choose to take advantage of our telephone service, we take the guesswork out of your equipment needs by providing telephone systems and professional support for your Nashville office.

All of our offices are pre-wired and your phone set is provided. All you have to do is give out the new number we assign for you. If you have a business number already, we can help you arrange remote call forwarding so you may continue to use your existing number without interruption. We can also help you set up a toll-free number for your business.

Our telephone system and multi-function handsets offer:

  • digital and IP telephony
  • incoming and outgoing caller ID
  • direct voicemail capability featuring message notification
  • phone-to-phone paging
  • off-site call transfers or call forwarding available

Best of all, you will never have to deal with a phone company. We do that for you!

Some available telephone packages support wired or wireless headsets or cordless handsets.


We offer Business Services that can help lighten your workload

In the world of business, impressions are everything. From the business card you hand to a prospective client to the proposal package for a million-dollar deal, Perimeter Park’s available business services can make sure your business image will always make you stand out from the crowd.

We can help design and print your business letters, forms, brochures, and all types of presentations. We can also quickly and efficiently assist you with faxing, printing, copying, scanning, laminating, shipping, and mail services.  Practically everything you need for any project is available on-site already – all you have to do is walk down the hallway or send us an email!


Nashville office space - business center services


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality work possible and the quickest turnaround time available, all at a fair price.

Many of these services are also available on a walk-in basis. Contact us for more details!

Why Choose Our Nashville Executive Suite?

What do start-up companies, large corporations, and small business owners all have in common?

The need for an efficient, professional office space.

At Perimeter Park Executive Center, we offer the benefit of a professionally structured Nashville office environment with the convenience of one monthly fee.

Our business-friendly approach allows small and large companies to drastically reduce their real estate costs by sharing our center’s professional staff, meeting facilities, reception areas, telecom equipment and services, and office equipment with other companies.  Many of the start-up costs associated with establishing and operating an office – hiring receptionists and buying reception area and conference room furniture – have already been assumed by us.   Additionally, most of the normal recurring monthly overhead and personnel expenses – such as receptionist salary, telephone and internet service, cleaning service, maintenance, and coffee service – are all covered by your monthly fee.

Our center offers you the convenience of short-term leases, flexible terms, and packages tailored to your specific business needs, so you never waste money on more space than you need.  We also offer the ability to add additional workstations or offices to your package whenever you need to expand, regardless of how much time is left on your current agreement.

Another advantage of using our shared workspace in Nashville is the additional employees you add by way of our on-site staff.  Your business automatically increases by the size of our staff, because we become YOUR employees, too.  You never have to worry about missing a call or a delivery, because we are here to answer all calls and accept all deliveries while you are out of the office.  When we are open, your business is open, whether you are actually in the office or not.  All of these services can also included as a part of your monthly package, so you get all the benefits of extra employees without the added expenses of salaries, benefits, and payroll taxes.

For more information call Sherry Cheatham at 615-781-4200 today to schedule a tour!

Our Private Offices are designed to fit any business or budget


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Perimeter Park is everything you need in an office and more.  We are an office management and support system dedicated to building YOUR business.

Our experience in office management allows you to focus on your actual work. We save you valuable time by doing the necessary, but often time-consuming, administrative support activities essential to a successful business.

By sharing our professional staff, conference facilities, reception area, business center, and state-of-the-art office equipment, you will find your productivity increasing and your bottom-line decreasing.

Office Packages

Your specially tailored office space package can include one or more of the following:

  • business class telephone service
  • live telephone answering
  • high-speed internet access
  • dedicated fax line
  • cable television in your office

Floor plan for Nashville Office Space at Perimeter Park Executive Center
Floor plan for Nashville Office Space at Perimeter Park Executive Center