Why Choose Our Nashville Executive Suite?

What do start-up companies, large corporations, and small business owners all have in common?

The need for an efficient, professional office space.

At Perimeter Park Executive Center, we offer the benefit of a professionally structured Nashville office environment with the convenience of one monthly fee.

Our business-friendly approach allows small and large companies to drastically reduce their real estate costs by sharing our center’s professional staff, meeting facilities, reception areas, telecom equipment and services, and office equipment with other companies.  Many of the start-up costs associated with establishing and operating an office – hiring receptionists and buying reception area and conference room furniture – have already been assumed by us.   Additionally, most of the normal recurring monthly overhead and personnel expenses – such as receptionist salary, telephone and internet service, cleaning service, maintenance, and coffee service – are all covered by your monthly fee.

Our center offers you the convenience of short-term leases, flexible terms, and packages tailored to your specific business needs, so you never waste money on more space than you need.  We also offer the ability to add additional workstations or offices to your package whenever you need to expand, regardless of how much time is left on your current agreement.

Another advantage of using our shared workspace in Nashville is the additional employees you add by way of our on-site staff.  Your business automatically increases by the size of our staff, because we become YOUR employees, too.  You never have to worry about missing a call or a delivery, because we are here to answer all calls and accept all deliveries while you are out of the office.  When we are open, your business is open, whether you are actually in the office or not.  All of these services can also included as a part of your monthly package, so you get all the benefits of extra employees without the added expenses of salaries, benefits, and payroll taxes.

For more information call Sherry Cheatham at 615-781-4200 today to schedule a tour!