Friday Five: 5 Lists of 5

Welcome to the Friday Five blog post!  Today we are linking to five various interesting lists of five things.  I hope you find them interesting as well!


So, Friday Five has been on hiatus for a while, but we are now back!

  1. 5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Focus – Our days are filled with activities that sabotage our focus and slow us down. Here are 5 ways you can stop distraction in its tracks. From
  2. 5 Customer Interactions That Can Make or Break Customer Loyalty – Here are a few ideas for winning them over in the toughest of times. From
  3. 5 Underrated Traits That Are Essential for Success – Forget Confidence and Charm. These Are the 5 Traits That Will Really Make You Successful.  From
  4. 5 Books Steve Jobs Thought Every Leader Should Read – The legendary Apple founder drew inspiration from novels, business books, and guides to spirituality. From
  5. 5 Entrepreneurship Blogs You Should Have on Your Radar – From

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Ten Ways to Fight Stress

No matter how much you like your job, your kids, or your life in general, we all have those days.  Here are ten tips for keeping stress at bay.

1.  Take a brisk walk (or quick jog) to start the day or during breaks throughout the day.

Several studies have shown that those who start their day with a morning jog or exercise have less stress and burn more fat throughout the day.  If you aren’t able to jog, start with a brisk walk around your neighborhood.

Take periodic breaks throughout the day and walk around your neighborhood or office building.  I keep a pair of slip-on athletic shoes at work so I can easily and quickly put them on without worrying about socks or tying laces.

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Increasing Your Focus

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

If you are like me, you constantly feel as if your attention is being pulled in several different directions.  Most of us wear several different hats at work, and have to constantly be ready to switch gears depending upon what is going on that five minutes.  This is especially true if you work with multiple clients.

For example, so far by 11:00 this morning I had:

  • responded to multiple client questions in person
  • responded to multiple client questions via e-mail
  • answered incoming calls at the front desk while the receptionist was on break
  • logged incoming FedEx packages
  • fixed a leaky sink faucet
  • started typing a blog entry

And I wouldn’t even classify this as a “busy” day.

Sometimes having to switch hats quickly will result in difficulty with focusing, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Work toward increasing your focus with these suggestions from the March 2012 edition of the Mayo Clinic’s EmbodyHealth newsletter:

  1. Screen out distractions. Start by turning off the TV, putting down your phone, and logging out of email.  Not convinced it’ll help?  Try this experiment:  Eliminate noncritical screen time for two days and see how much more you get done.
  2. Plan for peaks and valleys.  Are you a morning person?  Then don’t squander that time on email.  Instead use it to tackle projects that require your full concentration.  Low energy in the afternoon?  That’s the time to go through your inbox or catch up on your filing.
  3. Put it out of your mind.  Too many mental notes make for a cluttered mind.  All that unfinished business saps your mental energy.  So dump it.  Put whatever’s on your mind on paper or capture it digitally.  Think of it as off-site storage.
  4. Train your brain.  Any skill worth having requires practice.  Learning to focus is no different.  Invest time in mastering attention training or meditation – both are great ways to practice taming distractions and improving focus.
  5. What’s the payoff?  Not only will you get more done, you’ll also enjoy more flow – when you’re so absorbed in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.  Flow creates a sense of fulfillment and engagement and, yes, even contentment.

Find out how to get the Mayo Clinic EmbodyHealth Newsletter for your company.

A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee

English: Ken Olsen's primary concern about cus...
English: Ken Olsen’s primary concern about customers and employees “Our Employees are our greatest Asset” was distributed on a coffee mug, to encourage all employees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Business owners cannot afford to forget how important it is to inspire, motivate, and empower their employees, especially in tough economic times.  Great business owners value loyalty and know that they have a responsibility to edify and encourage their employees.  Bad business owners forget that their support staff needs their support, too.

Great leaders know how to inspire and motivate their employees.  They work to create an environment that supports, develops, and expands employee creativity and productivity.  They encourage initiative, nurture decision-making abilities, and supply their employees with opportunities to be successful.

Here are several ways business owners and managers can encourage and motivate their employees:

1.  Keep the lines of communication open.  Be open about expectations and willing to listen to suggestions or problems.

2.  Freely give praise when deserved.  Don’t be one of “those bosses” whose employees only hear from them when they have made a mistake.  That’s encouraging.  Acknowledge when your employees have done a good job, and be intentional about letting them know that not only do you value their contributions, but you value them.

3.  Implement a system of rewards or an incentive program to recognize employee contributions.  Bonuses are great.  In tough economic times, however, it may be impossible to reward an employee adequately with a bonus.  You can also give gift cards, extra vacation time, or even treat them to lunch as a thank-you for their hard work.

4.  Be a coach, not a dictator.  Coaches provide feedback and encouragement in an effort to help develop a person’s skills.  Dictators just want the job done their way and don’t care if a person becomes better.

5.  Don’t throw an employee in the deep end.  Before giving an important task to an employee, make sure that they have the right skills, knowledge, and resources to complete the task well.  Failing at an assigned task because it is beyond their expertise or ability will do nothing to motivate or empower an employee.

What are the best ways that you have found to encourage and motivate your employees?  Do you do ENOUGH to encourage and motivate them?