Friday Five: 5 Lists of 5

Welcome to the Friday Five blog post!  Today we are linking to five various interesting lists of five things.  I hope you find them interesting as well!


So, Friday Five has been on hiatus for a while, but we are now back!

  1. 5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Focus – Our days are filled with activities that sabotage our focus and slow us down. Here are 5 ways you can stop distraction in its tracks. From
  2. 5 Customer Interactions That Can Make or Break Customer Loyalty – Here are a few ideas for winning them over in the toughest of times. From
  3. 5 Underrated Traits That Are Essential for Success – Forget Confidence and Charm. These Are the 5 Traits That Will Really Make You Successful.  From
  4. 5 Books Steve Jobs Thought Every Leader Should Read – The legendary Apple founder drew inspiration from novels, business books, and guides to spirituality. From
  5. 5 Entrepreneurship Blogs You Should Have on Your Radar – From