Blog Series: Updating Our Nashville Office Space – Post #3: General Manager Office

After our consolidation to one floor, our General Manager, Sherry Cheatham, had a somewhat difficult time finding the perfect office.  The running joke was that she was in a different spot every couple of weeks.  Prior to her final (we hope!) move, she had been using the Meeting Room as her office.  We decided, however, that converting it back to a Meeting Room would be a better use of that space.

Sherry ended up moving to a much smaller office, which had previously been used as a small conference/interview room.

Before: General Manager's Office set up as a meeting room
Before: General Manager’s Office set up as a meeting room

Since this office was adjacent to the reception area and in the direct line of sight from the front door, we knew that it would also need to tie in to the color scheme of red, grays, and black.  We chose a dark charcoal gray for the back wall and painted the off-set column a red color to compliment the red in the reception area chairs.

After: General Manager's Office
After: General Manager’s Office

To add to the more modern and stream-lined feel, we chose an IKEA sit/stand desk in black/gray and charcoal gray filing cabinets from Staples.

Charcoal Gray Filing Cabinets
Charcoal Gray Filing Cabinets

A red and white tulip chair from and “Nashville” art print completed the “Nashville Office” look.