Friday Five Kick-Off Post: The Office Lunch

Welcome to the inaugural Friday Five blog post!  Each week I will choose one topic based on something I either heard or saw that interested me during the week and link to five articles related to that topic.  I hope you find them interesting as well!

Happy colors help an office lunch go from sad to glad!


This week, my interest was piqued by an interview I heard this week on a broadcast of Marketplace on Nashville Public Radio (90.3 FM) regarding the often mundane office lunch.  Having resolved (again) to eat healthier foods this year, I have been looking for ways to easily and affordably make my own packed lunches less “sad”.  The interview had some great ideas, so I spent a few minutes Googling for more and came up with this list.  Enjoy . . . or bon appétit!




  1. How to make lunch at your desk less sad – From
  2. Eating protein and salty foods at lunch causes food comas, says new study – From Independent
  3. Lunch al Desko: Upgrade Your Midday Meal – From
  4. The Etiquette of Eating Lunch at Work – From Kitchn
  5. Cheap Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work – From Eating Well